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Do you think you, your child, or one of your student’s may be a gifted learner?

State Education Agency
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Gail Humble: Gifted Program Specialist
State Gifted Education Association
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My Philosophy:

I believe education is fundamental in developing intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth for each child. Education is the means in which we provide a safe learning community that is interactive and organized, where students and educators are compassionate and empathetic to the needs of individuals.  As an educator, it is incumbent upon me to develop and implement innovative instruction by creating a collaborative, cooperative classroom environment in which instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all students as to ensure my students’ success.

Instruction will have emphasis on depth of knowledge gained through personal exploration of curriculum both as individuals and through group work.  This knowledge will be gained through extensive resources, hands on examples, and use of technology in which students will gain practical knowledge and life skills.  Students will be assessed on their ability to apply their knowledge through experiments, projects, portfolios, and self-evaluations, as well as necessary summative assessments.

As a French teacher, I believe that a culturally enriched, stimulating, and invigorating classroom environment in which students’ are able to inquire, be given opportunities for hands on learning in the language and about the culture where creativity and technology are built into the curriculum. This will foster the students’ optimal growth potential.  As an foreign language educator it is my job to encourage and motivate my students, facilitate and stimulate their learning process, to challenge my students academically, and support their learning abilities through differentiating language instruction based on their individual needs.

Instruction which is centered in the core content yet is organized through student- centered learning and instructor facilitated lessons will provide every student with high quality education.  By providing the students with experiences that will expose them to a myriad of cultures, ideas, ways of thinking, and exploring the world; the students will have practical applications of knowledge.  This will allow them to make sense of the world around us, through understanding, analysis, and application of knowledge both in and outside of the classroom therefore teaching from a whole child approach.

By teaching the students how to become well rounded “global” citizens of the world, who can make choices and decisions that will lead to self-actualization and a global understanding of learning and others, I hope that my students will become lifelong learners.

My interest in gifted education has been increasing since I began teaching. I’ve enjoyed working with the students in a creative atmosphere.  I then had the privilege of becoming a supply teacher in a Mount Vernon High School and later as an AP French teacher in gifted classrooms in the public school system.  I loved working with students who exhibited different strengths and modes of learning than those I had become accustomed to in mainstream education.

My interest in gifted education became solidified four years ago when my neighboring classroom was that of a gifted self-contained teacher.  I spent many hours planning with her and speaking with her about her students.  One day, I wanted to enroll in a district’s Professional Development classes and gain my provisional gifted endorsement.

I believe that one’s philosophy ties in greatly to whom one is as a person. I believe strongly in learning about myself and the world around me by immersing myself in it, seeking council, inspiration, and guidance when needed, learning from my experiences, and challenging myself to become a better global citizen.  This is what Cobb County School District’s Gifted Endorsement Program has offered me; a manner in which to learn, reflect, and create a deeper understanding of what it means to be an educator of gifted children.

I want to utilize my knowledge, skills, and education to help my students become strong, intelligent, people who are responsible citizens and lifelong learners especially in the areas of:

  • Curriculum development of talent, creativity, and critical thinking with gifts and talented students.
  • Support cognitive, social, emotional and wisdom development in individuals with gifts and talents.
  • The study the nature, identification, assessment, and evaluation of individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Creating curriculum, methods, and materials appropriate for individuals with gifts and talents.