French Exchange

Interested in going to France in November 2020? First, fill out this application and see if you qualify:

Click here

As a Campbell HS student, you may submit an application for participation in the new French Exchange Program at CHS by March 16, 2020. We anticipate that you would be going to France for two weeks BEFORE the Thanksgiving break. 

First, you need to be aware that you MUST possess the following basic criteria in order to be selected for an interview in March 2020.

You must:

  • Be enrolled in French 3 or higher.
  • Have a good academic record/recommendation
  • Have a good attendance record
  • Have an interest in STEM classes (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
  • Be able to function and engage well in French
  • Be able to fund most of the costs for the round-trip flight.

If selected, you would be an exchange student to France and visit our partner class at in Lycee Charles-Jully as a culmination of intercultural, multiyear collaboration project between the two schools. On this project organized by Mr Edward Moyé at Campbell High School, students from both countries communicate virtually to get to know each other before the trip. Students complete tasks by Mr. Moyé and the teachers in France. They have all been assigned subjects targeted at various topics in which students learn the language and culture of the other country. Students are in communication throughout the school year and each group has the opportunity to travel and visit the other’s group country for few days.

If you are going to France, here is a practical checklist. Click here

Host students take students on cultural tours and share their school experience with their visiting friends.

Lycée Charles-Jully (click here for website)

59 rue du Maréchal Foch
57504 Saint-Avold cedex

Tél :