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La semaine du 30 mars au 3 avril (UNIT EXAM WEEK!)

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Well, we are at the beginning of Week #3 of the digital learning process. You will have a UNIT EXAM of Unit 3 this week, so almost everything is up to you to review. Think of this as a mini “Términale” for the BAC this week. I will be uploading review videos to help you to see and hear the lessons without having to resort to notes and boring grammar drills.

Any foreign language is difficult to learn when you do not have the daily interpersonal contact. I have been attempting to teach new material, nevertheless, hearing it and using it in context would be ideal. Therefore, after the unit exam this week and completion of the tasks from Unit 3 on April 3rd when the window on VHLCentral closes, I will be assigning “review tasks & assignments” from lessons we have already learned (units 1 and 2). The online portal is great about reviewing and the repetition of the language.

In addition, I have seen that we will be out of school at least until April 24th. At that time, I usually begin with the full semester review in preparation for the final exam. So, as a supplement to grammar and a focus on language learning, I will be incorporating mostly Francophone history and culture lessons that you will be required to know. The lessons will be in English for full impact and I would suggest that you take notes. While I love grammar, it is not the only way to appreciate the French language and individual accomplishments from the Francophone countries.

IMPORTANT! There are many students who have not yet begun to log in or do any of the assignments. Please check in about this today. There have also been many cases where students are doing ONLY the VHLCentral assignments and not the homework checks on Google Forms based on the uploaded videos.

  • Lundi: All VHL assignments are due on April 3rd. No late work will be accepted. / There will be a listening section on the exam. I found one, but you may want to find others just like it and listen, listen, listen to train your ear. (Click here for the first practice.)
  • Mardi: All VHL assignments are due on April 3rd. No late work will be accepted. / Review descriptions of yourself and others in your life (family, friends, teachers, etc.) You will be expected to write at Level 1 proficiency, however the use of Google translate etc. will be VERY obvious and you will be given a 0% without question. You may use a dictionary only. / Les nationalitiés (click here for the review) 
  • Mercredi: All VHL assignments are due on Friday. No late work will be accepted. / Review French Prepositions of Place (click here for the review) / BANGS adj. (click here for the next review) 
  • Jeudi: All VHL assignments are due tomorrow. No late work will be accepted. / Numbers 1-100 / Possessive adjectives (click here for the review) 
  • Vendredi: All VHL assignments are due today! / Unit Exam 3. The exam will be active from 6am until 11:30pm TODAY ONLY! (Click here starting April 3rd at 6:00am)

La semaine du 23 mars au 27 mars


It has been one interesting week as we all try and adapt to the new platform both in teaching and in learning. I wanted to send out an message to update you before it gets too late. 

I have noticed that many of you have not attempted to login to the online teaching and learning portal I have setup and have given explicit instructions since January. The grades and engagement in my classes were really working out well in class, but I feel that the lack of in-person motivation has created an environment of “I’ll just do this later” or “not at all”. A few of you have reached out to me and told me that you cannot login, I hope that has been resolved? We have been using this online platform since the first week, and I gave two days of instructions just in case we were to close. If you cannot log in to VHLCentral, review the criteria from the first week. If you have reset your password to something other than what I required, it is up to YOU to reset it and to get these activities completed. READ what I have written for each day and be prepared for “timed assessments”. I cannot turn them back on. All of this has been put in place to teach you time management and to improve your work ethic. PLEASE reach out to me if you have questions or concerns ASAP. I am available in the VHL portal through the “chat feature” (M-F, 10am – 12pm)

  • Lundi: The Theft of the Mona Lisa comprehension assessment will be available from 12pm – 12am tonight only. (click here after 12pm today) / Watch his video lesson on prepositions of place from page 98 in the textbook (click here) / Continue on your VHLCentral tasks.
  • Mardi: “How does an Italian piece of art made by an Italian artist have anything to do with my French class? ” (click here to find out) / Continue on your VHLCentral tasks.
  • Mercredi: What did you learn about Leonardo Davinci, La Joconde, Amboise and François I ? (click here and impress me)
  • Jeudi: Le Quiz (Unité3a et 3b): You will have 24 hours to complete this and it weighs as a summative grade. (click here) / Continue to work on your VHLCentral assignments
  • Vendredi: Continue to work on your VHLCentral assignments over the weekend.

Dear All,

I understand there is some confusion to the VHLCentral. I have taken screenshots to help you. When you open VHL and login, you will see the pages AFTER clicking on the RED D’accord book.

  1. You have to click on Content/ Activities tab at the TOP Center (see graphic a)
  2. Then, choose Leçon 3A from the selection on the LEFT. (see graphic b)

I hope this helps? I created a dummy account to see what you are seeing. Because I assigned quizzes and exams, it moved it all to another accessible location. Let me know if you have problems. See graphics below:

La semaine du 16 mars au 20 mars

  • Lundi: La leçon du jour:  #1: Login to VHLCentral and begin working on the tasks. It will take the rest of the month to complete this module. I suggest working on it for 20-30 minutes per day. I cannot reset your password, but you should have followed the directions since the first week of school and everyone should be able to access it / #2: You will have a vocabulary quiz this week. Check its availability this Wednesday morning. For some of you, it will begin at 6am on Wednesday and for others, it will begin Thursday at 6am. You will only have 24 hours to complete it. 
  • Mardi: La leçon du jour: Watch this lesson (click here) / Study for the vocabulary quiz from Unit 3A for tomorrow.
  • Mercredi: Vocabulary Quiz begins today at 8:30am until 9pm on VHLCentral. You only have 12 hours to complete it. Your grade will be revealed after 9pm. / Continue working on the VHLCentral module.
  • Jeudi: Read pages 78 and 79 in the textbook and watch this video “L’Album des Photos”. Then, take this short comprehension quiz which will be available after 8am. until 9pm today only.
  • Vendredi: The Theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. Watch this video for the next three days. (click here) I will upload instructions about your comprehension/assessment of this priceless piece of art and its significance in French history.

La semaine du 16 mars…..

Due to the recent closure of CHS, you will not be coming to school, however, you will be responsible for the content here online. Make sure that you are able to login successfully to the following sites:

  • VHL Central (click here)
  • Quizlet (click here)

*If you need to get in touch with me over the closure, email me from the following page. (click here). I will also be available for “live chat” via VHLCentral between 10am – 12pm (M-F)

Media Center Announcement: Please be informed that if you have trouble accessing your CHS Google Account at home during the shutdown, you should email:  Your email should include: complete name, student ID number and what problems they are having.  

La semaine du 9 mars au 13 mars

  • Lundi: Révision de l’examen 2 / p. 74 et 75 dans le livre avec vocabulaire / Cahier de l’élève p. 57 en classe / Quizlet (clique ici) / DEVOIRS: Regardez la vidéo (clique ici)
  • Mardi: Révision de page 74 et 75 / Entrevue avec un(e) ami(e) p. 76 / DEVOIRS: Regardez cette vidéo 
  • Mercredi: EARLY RELEASE / Cahier de l’élève p. 57 et 58 / Devoirs: Regardez la vidéo
  • Jeudi: Click on the link to access the “homework check form” (clique ici) / Révision de devoirs / Dictée p. 77 / Roman-Photo p. 78 et 79 en classe
  • Vendredi:

La semaine du 2 mars au 6 mars

  • Lundi: Cahier de l’eleve / Dictée en classe / Le verbe AVOIR p. 60 et 61 / DEVOIRS: p. 47, 48, et 49 dans le cahier de l’élève
  • Mardi: Language Lab Day: room 901 / Presque Mort (chapitres 2 et 3) avec questions de compréhension
  • Mercredi: Révision pour l’examen demain
  • Jeudi: EXAMEN #2
  • Vendredi: Roman-Photo p. 56 et 57

La semaine du 24 février au 28 février 2020

  • Lundi: à la page 188 “Le Carnaval” / Bonhomme de Neige au Canada. (clique ici) / la Poutine / Le Tir sur Neige
    Mardi: Le Mardi Gras! C’est quoi? / La Nouvelle Orléans / La Galette des Rois
  • Mercredi: Cahier de l’élève: Les questions et les négations p. 40 et 41 / Le verbe AVOIR p. 60 et 61 / DEVOIRS: p. Dans le cahier de l’élève
  • Jeudi: Cahier de l’élève en classe / Lab # 925 / Quizlet (clique ici) “Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell, Test” / DEVOIRS: Quizlet tasks due tomorrow
    Vendredi: Quizlet due at beginning of class / Quelle heure est-il? p. 62 et 63 / DEVOIRS: p. 52 et 53 dans le cahier de l’élève 

La semaine du 17 février au 21 février 2020

La Pause d’Hiver

La semaine du 10 février au 14 février 2020

  • Lundi:  Quiz de Vocabulaire Unit 1 et le Systeme Educatif en France / DEVOIRS: Le ER verbe en francais (regardez la vidéo, clique ici)
  • Mardi: Le verbes ER en classe p. 46 dans le livre 1, 2, et 3 (et au négatif) / DEVOIRS: pages 37 et 38 dans le Cahier de l’élève
  • Mercredi: Cahier de l’élève en classe / Comment faire des questions p. 48 (mise en pratique 1, 2 et 3 / Essayez! p. 49 dans la boite orange en classe DEVOIRS: pages 40 dans le Cahier de l’élève
  • Jeudi: Cahier de l’élève en classe / Comment faire des questions: En groupes de deux, p. 47 #6 (using Est-ce que, create a question and answer session using all your vocabulary from pages 38, 45, and 46 by following the model. You should have an equal amount of positive questions to negative questions) 
    Vendredi: Preparation pour Mardi Gras le 25 février / Special Schedule because of MLK Day

La semaine du 3 fevrier au 7 fevrier 2020

  • Lundi:  Revision du Panorama et de “Presque Mort” en classe / Quiz de Vocabulaire Unit 1
    Mardi: Practice French numbers LOTO (click here) / Mise en Pratique p. 26 et 27,  #2, 4, et ‘Essayez!’ en orange  / DEVOIRS: Le Cahier de l’élève p. 27 et 28 et le nouveau vocabulaire 
  • Mercredi: Le Cahier de l’élève en classe / Lecture: “Presque Mort” en classe chapitres 3 et 4 (les questions de compréhension 1 à 4) / DEVOIRS: les “verbes” et le “vocabulaire supplémentaire” pour lundi
  • Jeudi: Les adjéctifs continués (mon personnage favori) / DEVOIRS: Le collège typique en France (clique ici)
    Vendredi: Le Vocabulaire du Chapitre / Livre p. 44 (Au Lycée) “Lisons comme ca (#1 ‘marc et juile‘) et (#2 ‘marc, julie, et le chien‘) DEVOIRS: Lundi, vous avez un quiz sur le vocabulaire de chapitre un.

La semaine du 27 janvier au 31 janvier 2020

Lundi: Les présentations de la famille / Les déscriptions et des adjectifs p. 26 et 27 / révision des pages 22 et 23 / DEVOIRS: Cahier de l’élève pgs. 24 et 25
Mardi: Échauffement: Dans mon sac à dos / Cahier de l’élève en classe et comme devoirs p. 21 et 22
Mercredi: Cahier de l’élève en classe / Jeu de vocabulaire pour le quiz lundi (clique ici)
Jeudi:  Lecture: “Presque Mort” (chapitre un et deux en classe avec l’activitié en classe)
Vendredi: Panorama p. 30 et 31 en groupes de quatre / DEVOIRS: Quiz de vocabulaire dans le chapitre de 16 à 26 (lundi le 3 fevrier)

La semaine du 20 janvier au 24 janvier 2020

Lundi: Pas d’école! (Jour de MLK)
Mardi: les articles p. 10 et 11 / les verbes ER / préparation pour les présentations DEVOIRS: Le Livre p. 12 et 13 (mise en pratique en orange 1, 2, et 4)
Mercredi: Echauffement “Essayez” p. 13 / les articles (video) et le Vocabulaire p. 16 / Dans mon sac à dos p. 18 (#4) en classe / DEVOIRS: Le Système Éducatif en France (click here)
Jeudi: Dictée en classe / Roman-Photo p. 20 et 21 / DEVOIRS: la Culture pgs. 22 et 23  et les stéréotypes
Vendredi: Les déscriptions et des adjectifs / Comment est Sammy et les autres personnages? / DEVOIRS: Les présentations sont lundi


La semaine du 13 janvier au 17 janvier 2020

Lundi: DEVOIRS: Quizlet tasks/sets are due today before class / Échauffement: “comment t’appelles-tu et comment ça s’écrit?” / Romance Languages / Les Numéros 1 à 100 / LOTO / DEVOIRS: Numbers worksheet 1 – 100
Mardi: Numbers worksheet due today! / Lab 925 aujourd’hui / Quizlet (click here) / Le livre: p. 2, 3, 8, et 9 (#1 et 2)
Mercredi: Échauffment “Extra” / p. 12 et 13 (mise en practique: 1 – 4) / Vocabulary Game /DEVOIRS: Know how to say “I am, you are, he is, she is, I have, you have, she has, he has” for tomorrow at the beginning of class. 
Jeudi: Echauffement “Essayez” p. 13 / Nouns and Articles p. 10 et 11 / les articles (video) et le Vocabulaire p. 16
Vendredi: “L’Ascension” film en classe continué


La semaine du 6 janvier au 10 janvier 2020

Lundi: First Day of School (First Day of Class / Introductions / Syllabus / Class Expectations)
Mardi: Why French? (video in class on History of French Language…click here) /

(1) Signup for Quizlet  When signing up for Quizlet, you MUST use the following User Name and Password (see below). 3rd Block: Use this LINK to connect to our class / 4th Block: Use this LINK to connect to our class. 

(2) Signup for the online version of the textbook with VHLCentral. Click here to begin. Use the same signup credentials as Quizlet (see below)

Jeudi: Useful expressions in class / Le vocabulaire p. 2 / L’Alphabet Français / Comment ça s’écrit? / DEVOIRS: L’Alphabet / “Comment ça s’écrit?” tomorrow you will be asked to spell you name out loud in French
Vendredi: French phonetics p. 5 / Romance Languages / Greetings (class activity) / “Au Café” Roman-Photo p. 6 et 7 / DEVOIRS: Quizlet tasks/sets are due this Monday before class. 

User Name: your first name_last name_birthday (ex: John_Smith0612)

Password: French2020