FR 1 (documents)

In case the document that I passed out to you in class flew away, you’ll find another copy of it here:

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  • The French Alphabet (click here )
  • BIG 4 Verbs (need a copy?) Click here
  • Numbers 1-100 (click here )

French Resources

French numbers from January 10

Alphabet, Greetings, and Pronunciation from January 10

Duolingo for the Classroom 

Choose a category of vocabulary to study. Mouse over the word to hear the correct pronunciation.
Below you will find links to a variety of websites to help enhance your exploration of the French language and Francophone cultures.  

Ma France

Series of videos in French followed by interactive activities
Daily French lessons by native speakers. Listen online or get free podcasts
This BBC Languages site “cool French” has current young people’s slang.
A plethora of great websites compiled by a professor at the University of Tennessee.
Limited free access to this French news site for kids: Current events, weather and more presented at a level for French kids.
Learn French by watching TV5Monde and doing interactive activities
Practice, review and learn about French culture by doing one of many activities at the BBC’s French page.
Reference site for almost everything French, from history to culture to grammar and more!
Click on a story to read and listen to at the same time. You can pause the reading or go back to hear a word or phrase again. This is a good activity to practice reading and listening comprehension as well as pronunciation.
Bookbox: Series of Youtube videos of children’s stories read aloud in French, with French subtitles. Fun, and great comprehension practice
This link will take you to another list of websites designed specifically for grammar and vocabulary practice.
This link will take you to the page at this site with French songs, videos and websites that feature French music.
Beginning Exercises from TV5


Use this format guide when formatting a paper for my class. (Times New Roman font, 12pt, Double Spaced, Indented first paragraph, and special characters with accents) Click here for an example page.

Online Flash Cards. Click here

French accents

How to type accents on a Mac:
é – hold option key and e, then hit e again
à, è, ù – hold option key and `, then a, e, or u ç – hold option key and c
â, ê, î, ô, û – hold option key and i, then a, e, i, o or u
ë, ï, ü – hold option key and u, then e, i or u
œ – hold option key and q
€ – hold option key and shift key and 4
How to type accents on a PC:
à ALT + 133 À ALT + 0192
â ALT + 131 Â ALT + 0194
ä ALT + 132 Ä ALT + 142
æ ALT + 145 Æ ALT + 146
ç ALT + 135 Ç ALT + 128
é ALT + 130 É ALT + 144
è ALT + 138 È ALT + 0200
ê ALT + 136 Ê ALT + 0202
ë ALT + 137 Ë ALT + 0203
î ALT + 140 Î ALT + 0206
ï ALT + 139 Ï ALT + 0207
ô ALT + 147 Ô ALT + 0212
œ ALT + 0156 Œ ALT + 0140
ù ALT + 151 Ù ALT + 0217
û ALT + 150 Û ALT + 0219
ü ALT + 129 Ü ALT + 154
French quotation marks « ALT + 174 » ALT + 175
Euro symbol € ALT + 0128