Monsieur Moyé is also an Adjunct Professor of French and Second Language Pedagogy at Georgia State University and teaches full time at Campbell High School. Mr. Moyé’s lived with his French family in Angers, France where he worked, studied, and lived for many years before returning to the United States to continue his education career. He graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in French/Teacher Education and an Masters in French with a concentration in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Pedagogy.  He is AP & Gifted Endorsed in the State of Georgia. Before that, he worked in the CGI industry and possesses a degree from The Art Institute of Atlanta in Computer Animation and Multimedia Development.

In the past, Monsieur Moyé worked for Emory University’s School of Public Health creating and maintaining their website as well as online lessons for the professors. He also helped to develop and localize educational and testing software in French for Quiz, Inc., Bingwa Multimedia Inc., and Spire Multimedia in Atlanta and was a key Animator for the Stone Mountain Laser Show. He played an active role as a Language Coordinator/Interpreter for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Since 2001, he has been actively teaching since his first encounter in the classroom which began at Fullsail University in Orlando, Florida teaching Media Arts as the Associate Course Director. In 2002-2003, he worked as an EFL teacher overseas in South Korea and continued to teach ESL in the Atlanta area until 2012.

Since returning to the USA in 2004, he taught a wide variety of digital design courses such as graphic design, multimedia and web development, video/sound editing, PHP & MySQL programming, 2D/3D modeling and animation, and portfolio development at Anthem College in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2011, he received the Dr. Carol Semonsky Award for excellence in Foreign Language Education from Georgia State University. He is GACE certified in both French K-12 and Fine Art K-12 and serves on the French GACE Bias Review Committee for the state of Georgia.

In 2016-17, he served as the Assistant Varsity Swim Coach at The Walker School with four of his athletes placing in State competition.

Mr. Moyé (Cieslak) is also a published author of young-adult science fiction series called“The Locals”.

His book series can be found on Amazon as well as here. 


Watch the promo video:



Monsieur Moyé avec Marie Antoinette (sans tête)

“I’ve been speaking French my whole life. Having aspirations to be an artist with the intention of wanting to live back in France, I decided to move back to France after high school and try to get into a French fine arts program or university. After a year in the country and immersed in the language, I was accepted to L’École des Beaux Arts in Angers. I continued on a path as an artist for the next fifteen years becoming a computer animator and graphic designer. I discovered teaching in 2001 and never looked back. After five years of teaching CGI, I began to search for more ways to utilize my language skills more productively; thus dropping out of the “biz”. I wanted to continue to teach, but not art. I decided to fall back on my love of the French language and pursued my certification at GSU in 2009. I am passionate about speaking the language and feel that I can elicit this passion in other students by immersing them in class and sharing with them the opportunities that were available to me because of my language skills. For example, I was able to travel throughout Europe and the Caribbean Islands easier and to understand the complexities of world languages while teaching and living in South Korea from 2002-2004, I had the wonderful opportunity of working in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta as a French Translator, and I had the unique experience of being on a game show in France where I ended up winning the grand-prize, which by the way can be seen on YouTube. Everyday, I share these memories (and videos) with my students in my classes both in high school and college in order to show them what you can do when you know more than one language.”  


Direct line to my classroom from 7:30am – 4:00pm (M-F): Phone #678-842-6850 Ext: 1604

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